The MSC Foundation has launched a two-year partnership with The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and the Mayor’s Office of International Affairs to support a youth-focused and youth-led initiative named "New York City Junior Ambassadors".

NYCJA is an award-winning youth programme founded in 2015 that leverages the United Nations as a resource for NYC 7th graders and their educators in underserved communities across the five boroughs of New York City.

The programme empowers them to become actively engaged with the United Nations and its mission of addressing some of the most pressing challenges in the world, from climate change, poverty reduction and health to inequities.
NYCJA has already reached 3,500 youths, mainly from low-income and immigrant families.

Timeframe: 2023-2025
Location: New York City
Goal: To expand the NYCJA programme to reach nearly 1,200 7th graders and educators in New York City over two years.
Strategy: Bring 7th graders together, nurturing their confidence and ambition through practical actions within the context of the United Nation’s mission, values and work, catalysed by contact with inspirational leaders.

The Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1994 that now works with 50 City agencies and offices, 300 institutional funders and 100 community-based partners to advance initiatives that improve the lives of residents in all five boroughs of New York City.

The NYCJA runs annually for six months and includes five key components that provide every young participant with holistic global perspectives, relevant knowledge and the development of soft skills.

The programme will provide at least 1,200 learners and their educators with the following:
• Classroom-Based Learning about the United Nations’ mission, scope of work, values, role and duties, etc.
• Guided and Curated Visits to the United Nations
• NYC Agencies’ and Leaders’ Visits to Classrooms
• Diplomatic Visits to Classrooms
• Seed funding to design and implement grass root youth-led initiatives focused on advancing environmental and climate related issues
• Year-End Event celebration at which the youths can share the experiences and knowledge they have acquired through the programme

• NYCJA cultivates empathy, compassion and solidarity in students while addressing the world’s biggest challenges.
• NYCJA gives students a sense of belonging and encourages young people to explore careers in the field of international affairs and diplomacy.
• Through access to the programme, youths gain a better sense of international issues and how they affect them, their families and their communities, becoming global citizens confident in their ability to act as agents of positive social and environmental change.



71.9% Public-school students

New York City’s state-school population is composed of students from various racial backgrounds. 71.9 % of them are economically disadvantaged.

27%Public-school students

27% of middle school students are immigrant children. Children of immigrant parents are more likely to be poor than children in native-born families. This disadvantage results in continued and persistent educational and labour force disparities.

Middle school youths are at an especially critical time in their personal and intellectual growth.

Youths living in high-poverty neighbourhoods face dangers and temptations which limit their development and educational attainment.