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Formentera Seagrass Restoration Programme

We must protect it as if our lives depend on it – because they do! Dr Sylvia Earle, President and Co-Chair of Mission Blue

Focus Areas: Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation
Mission Blue | MSC Foundation

Timeframe: 2024-2027

Location: Island of Formentera, Spain

Partner: Mission Blue

Seagrasses are flowering plants different from seaweed that grow in shallow, sheltered coastal areas. Forming underwater meadows rich in life, they support thousands of marine species and have diverse beneficial effects, producing oxygen, storing carbon, stabilising coastlines and helping keep our oceans clean. Yet, they face significant loss and destruction worldwide.

This three-year programme in partnership with Mission Blue is planting up to 37,000 seagrass plants around the Spanish island of Formentera over three years to replenish its precious seagrass meadows. This initiative aims to achieve multiple, cascading benefits: enhancing biodiversity, improving fish stocks and sequestering carbon, while contributing to the overall health of the island’s marine ecosystems.


34%of seagrass meadows

around the Balearic island of Formentera have declined over the past 50 years due to damage from boat anchors, marine pollution, and other human activities.

7%of global seagrass meadows

have declined due to climate change, impacted by rising sea temperatures and ocean acidification.

1/3rdof global seagrass meadows

have disappeared since the late 19th century.

The destruction of seagrass meadows results in coastal erosion, loss of biodiversity and fish stocks, while depriving us of an important carbon sink.