04 APRIL 2024

MSC Foundation launches open-source Coral Reefs Book for ocean enthusiasts


Fascinating full-colour book about coral reefs, published through the partnership efforts of the MSC Foundation and Ba’a Foundation, is free to download by all


Focus Area: Environmental Conservation



The MSC Foundation and partner the Ba’a Foundation have proudly published "Coral Reefs: Challenges and Conservation in the Caribbean and Red Sea." This full-colour open-source publication expresses both foundations’ commitment to safeguarding the future of coral reefs, focusing in particular on the vital marine ecosystems of the Red Sea and the Bahamas.


As a family-owned enterprise with a centuries-long history of navigating the seas, the MSC Group and MSC Foundation have a deep concern for ocean health. This concern is actively expressed in wide-ranging initiatives to make enduring, meaningful contributions to life below water, including our pioneering Super Coral Programme in the Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve in The Bahamas.


Meticulously crafted with expertise and passion, this full-colour book provides a comprehensive exploration of the biology, biodiversity and ecological significance of reef-building corals. It serves as both a tribute to their inherent beauty and a call to action in the face of global threats.


Despite the dire challenges confronting coral reefs worldwide, there is reason for hope. Through collective action and shared values, we can chart a course towards their preservation and restoration. We extend our deepest gratitude to the individuals and organisations whose unwavering support and expertise have made this publication possible.


Special recognition is owed to Prof. David J. Smith, PhD, for his exemplary co-authorship, and to the coral experts at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology for their invaluable contributions. The Ba’a Foundation Secretariat and Dr. Owen O'Shea of the MSC Foundation played crucial roles in the peer review process, ensuring the book's scientific integrity. We are immensely honoured by the involvement of Dr. Sylvia Earle, whose insights have enriched the breadth and depth of this publication. Her contribution underscores the importance of collaboration in conservation efforts.


"Coral Reefs" combines scientific precision with easy-to-understand language, shedding light on the environmental, economic and societal importance of these delicate ecosystems. It delineates the myriad threats facing coral reefs – from predation to pollution and climate change – while also highlighting the conservation and restoration opportunities spearheaded by both Foundations.


Ultimately, "Coral Reefs" embodies a message of hope, conveying a resounding call: Together, we can make a difference!

You can download your own digital version of the Coral Reefs book here